Boat Gulet Cruise Booking terms and General conditions


  1. The charter price includes the charter services during the agreed cruising time, the Gulet’s departure from and arrival in the harbor, fuel and lubricants consumed while cruising for a daily maximum of 4 hours per a day, Gulet’s crew, all appliances on the ship according to the ship list, insurance of the ship and the crew, 4 hrs of generator use a day (air conditioning), final cleaning. The on-board service provides a weekly change of sheets and towels.

  2. The charter price excludes: food, beverages, additional meals, harbor marina dues, entrances fees to national parks, Internet, special taxes to marinas to meet the client's demand, special transfers, special demands for embarkation and disembarkation of the client, daily more than 4 hrs cruising, residence tax, all sporting equipment and accessories. The price of every additional hour of added cruising with the engine is 50.00 euros. The price of every additional hour of generator use is 25.00 euros

  3. FOOD: Half board is obligatory and breakfast and lunch. The price of 250.00 Euros per a person/week includes breakfast and lunch. Full board is agreed for a price of 350.00 Euros per a person/week. Full board includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Children up to the age of 3 years have a 100% discount for F/B and H/B, children up to the age of 10 years have a 50% discount, children up to 12 years old have a 30% discount. Drinks, beverages and extra meals are paid by the Client to the waiter or captain according to the given price list.


    3a) All inclusive domestic package - includes domestic wines, beers, spirits, soft drinks, natural and mineral water, coffee, tea, juices - 200 eur/pax/week.
    3b) All inclusive domestic non alcoholic package - 100 eur/ pax /week. Clients are not permitted to bring their own drinks and beverages onto the boat. The bar is open until 23.00 hrs. The Company is obliged to equip the boat with all necessary food and beverages. All special demands must be made before cruising.
    3c) Beverages completely supplied by clients-cost of service of beverages: 600 eur/week
  1. Price and Discounts: If unforeseen major changes occur, for example in port and   other taxes, VAT, or fuel costs, etc… then we reserve the right to pass these extra costs onto the client. If Client book more then one week, for second, third,…week, discount of 5% is possible. If Client book all season (24 weeks), discount of 20% is possible.
  1. Payment: The agreed price is paid in two installments. The first 50% must be paid in advance as soon as the reservation and the signatures of agreement are completed. The second remaining 50% must be paid 5 weeks before the departure date. When the Company has received the completed booking form a balance invoice/booking confirmation will be forwarded to you. If the balance is not paid in time, Company may cancel your charter arrangements and retain your deposit. The Company accepts payments by cheque, Visa Credit Card, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Card, Delta and Switch debit cards, bank transfer or cash (a fee applies to all credit card payments) By booking the boat Gulet you have read and accepted these booking conditions.

  2. Itinerary/Route/Visas: boat Gulet will sail the route agreed in advance or before departing  with the Client in the territory of Croatia or Montenegro or Albania. The captain can modify the routes in the event of bad weather conditions or in the event of it being objectively impossible to put in to a planned harbor.
    Each Client is required to provide and obtain all necessary personal documents that are needed for a cruise in selected route, including Visas if required.

  3. Luggage/baggage: Each passenger is responsible for lost, damaged or stolen property left unsupervised. The Agency is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen luggage, nor for stolen luggage or valuables kept in the accommodation unit (renting a safe if possible or buying an insurance package which would include luggage insurance is recommended). Lost or stolen luggage is to be reported to the accommodation service provider or to the relevant police station.
    Company is not responsible for any injuries, death or claims whatsoever arising from, connected with, or related to any activities engaged in by guests while cruising on the boat Gulet. Company would like to emphasize that all the extreme sports that are in our offer, such as ultralight flying, kite surfing, wind surfing, water skiing, etc ..., Client practice ortake a part on their own risk.

  4. Embarkation from the port base Bar, Montenegro at 5.00 pm and landing at Bar at     9.00 am

  5. CANCELLATIONS: Must be made in writing together with the return of the travel documents and received by the Company prior to the departure date to be valid. The date that the above letter arrives at our office will be the date used to determine cancellation charges, which are levied on the following scale. Cancellation charges are payable as follows:
      • Over 60 days 50% of total amount
      • 30-60 days 70% of total amount        
      • 30 days and under 100% of total amount

      It remains available to the Client an option of reservation in another period or in any other season, without losing the advance payments.
      The Company shall not be liable for any curtailment of the holiday caused through fault or reason of the passengers. No refund shall be made in the event of curtailment of the holiday once it has commenced, however caused, nor shall the company be liable for any consequent expenses incurred as a result of curtailment. If cancellation is variation by the Company, The Company reserves the right to cancel or alter the holiday arrangements should unforeseen circumstances require it. Should cancellation be necessary before embarkation, the Company will, if possible, offer an alternative holiday or will alternatively make a full refund of all money paid. The Company is obliged to end the cruise in the harbor agreed in the original planned route. In the event of badly weather conditions, the Company may end the cruise in the closest place with public transport. Company liability of any kind is limited to the cruise price.
  1. DAMAGES, REPAIRS: In case the vessel should suffer damage or any other impediment which compromises a reasonable use of her for more than 48 hours on end from a possible intervention, the Company will offer an alternative ship – of the same or even better quality. In the event that the alternative ship is of lower quality than the reserved one, the price will be reduced to reflect the difference in quality. The company's liability, of any kind, is limited to the cruise price. In the event that the Company is unable to provide an alternative ship, the Company may take up to 24 hrs to repair the original ship. During this time all complaints of client are not acceptable.

  2. BEHAVIOUR: We reserve the right to terminate the holiday arrangements of any client who in our opinion or in the opinion of any any other person in authority, is causing or is likely to cause distress, annoyance or danger to any of our other clients or any third party or damage to vessel or property. In this situation, the person(s) will be required to leave their boat, accommodation or other services. We will have no further responsibility towards such person(s) including any return travel arrangements. No refunds will be made and we will not pay any expenses or costs incurred as a result of the termination. Where applicable, full cancellation charges will apply. Whatever you book with us, you accept responsibility for any damage or loss caused by you or any member of your party. Full payment for any such damage or loss must be paid direct at the time to the charter representative or the accommodation representative or other supplier. If you fail to do so, you will be responsible for meeting any claims (including legal costs) subsequently made against the Company as a result of your action. The passengers are due to hold on to the captain’s rules regarding the safety of the yacht and the well being of all passengers on board. The boat cruises only during the day - not at night. Only by an explicit arrangement with the Company or as a matter of necessity can the boat cruise during the night. Smoking below deck and in the cabins is prohibited, the passengers are obliged to abide by the Croatian, Montenegrian and Albanias rules protecting the environment as well as rules governing fishing and diving.

  3. BAD WEATHER The Company will not take upon himself any responsibility for delays in departure or interruption of the cruise due to adversities of the weather or to contrary instructions by the Maritime Authorities.

  4. Please, have in mind that you are on a wooden boat that some raindrops can come in. On check in crew show the clients function of toilets and in a case of throwing unacceptable objects boat may lose a lot of time in port to fix again system .That can not a legitimate cause of complaint.  Working time for crew is until 0.00 hrs at the latest (after that it is additional work).

  5. ARBITRATION OF DISPUTES: Each and any dispute resulting from the interpretation or the execution of the present agreement shall be remitted to a board of arbitrators made up of three members, one to be appointed by each of the two parties and the third chosen by mutual consent of the arbitrators; in case no mutual consent should be reached, the third member shall be designated by the Captain of the Maritime Authorities or by the internal navigation authority in whose jurisdiction the head office of the Company is located or in port base of boat Gulet (Bar - Montenegro) . The arbitration shall take place where the Company has its head or operations office. In case the present agreement should be translated into other languages, the English text shall be regarded as valid for interpretative purposes or if there should be variance between the two texts.

  6. All cash payments will be pay at the end of the cruise to the captain according to the price receipt.

  7. All suggestions, remarks or complain are welcome and can be solved by agreements with the captain. Unresolved complaints must be made in writing before the end of the cruise or immediately upon disembarkation.
    Company reserves the right to take photographic or film records of any of our cruises, and may use any such records for promotional or commercial purposes.

  8. Client is required to report to the Company if clients have some malady (chronic or contagious allergies) also if clients have any dietary requirements.

  9. Once more: By booking first installment of the boat Gulet, you have read and accepted these booking conditions.


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