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There are many reasons to visit the Adriatic Sea - Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania with us. It is a tourist attractions destinations for a vacation - vacation for one person or with family and friends. During the last ten years, the Mediterranean has evolved into a wonderful place for tourists. There are many destinations here to visit on your gulet cruise holidays. You've probably heard the words charter schooner cruise, relaxing cruise, boat, boat charter, boat cruise, boat trips, boating holiday, dream vacation, blue voyage, blaue reise or blue cruise holidays cruise, cruise Carpe Diem etc., but do you know their true meaning? We are here to help you not only to understand but to make it an experience you will never forget. Your vacation can be really special if you go by boat schooner, traveling in the Mediterranean on clear blue water.

boat Gulet Cruise MediterraneanCruise "Carpe Diem" . It's hard to imagine a more relaxing holiday than aboard a traditional gulet cruise across the Mediterranean and the beautiful Adriatic coast. - Montenegro, Croatia and Albania

Relaxation on the boat deck or small beaches wild, enjoying the sun with a refreshing drink in the jacuzzi on the deck, or jumping into the water after the jacuzzi, sunset with your loved magical sunrise sun. The joy of a new day!

Book your private schooner to share the remarkable experience of "Carpe Diem" . Traveling with your family or friends.

No fixed itinerary A schooner cruise, normally by conventional routes with modifications to suit individual schedules and desires. Venture through time to paradise full of mystery and eternal treasures of nature.



Mediterranean - Greece, Montenegro, Croatia and Albania

Wherever you wish to cruise in Croatia, Montenegro and Albania, with our advice and suggestions, we will create your itinerary together. Simply select the destination, the rest is our concern ...

The Mediterranean, or more precisely the beautiful Adriatic Sea, have become a popular travel destination by boat. This experience will be warm for those who like to combine rest and adventurous activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, kitesurfing, windsurfing, flying with the ultralight trike, horseback riding, jet skiing , water ski, kneeboard, aqua skipper etc.

boat Gulet Cruise MediterraneanCruising schooner "Carpe Diem" offers only the best holiday destinations for our favorite clients, all exclusive destinations of Montenegro, Croatia and Albania at a price you will not find anywhere else. We offer luxury holiday or specifically unique cruises with all the activities you can imagine. We understand you are looking for a romantic holiday and adventurous at a favorable price! We strive to provide a quality product at the best possible price. We wish to make our cruise schooner "Carpe Diem" most respectful customers as possible.


Food and drinks on the gulet cruise

We will take care of exceptional menu that will offer you the opportunity to communicate your preferences and choice of food and drinks, but please, take a first look at our menu and list of Mediterranean dishes and kinds drinks, rich taste of olive oil, excellent cheese selection, ham, fish ...
boat Gulet Cruise Mediterranean
Imagine sipping wine with family and friends with the view of the sunset over the sea from service the attentive crew.

After all the "stress of modern times" and everyday madness, it's time for "quiet start" of relaxation and true meditation. We will take care of your needs and help you make those unforgettable holiday with. Let us show you all the places removed from the Mediterranean world. This idyllic cruise is both travel by boat and be the most beautiful part of nature and nature you are a sailing paradise!


The season of the Charter gulet cruise

The high season of charter yachts in the Mediterranean in July and August but also includes April to late October. The climate is warm and sunny, with normally light winds, making for the most time of the excellent sailing conditions during the summer months. Being aboard charter private yacht allows you to avoid the crowds, and also, you can be sure to find a larger selection of quiet moorings during the intervening months April / May or September / October and be less bothered by tourists on the shore.

The Mediterranean part of the Adriatic offers more than a week of vacation. Among the many possibilities are the beautiful bay of Boka Kotorska , many Croatian islands , famous Dubrovnik , tanning in the trendy area of Ulcinj , walks in the charming old port of Kotor and wind sports in South of Montenegro.

Or plan a week and go to the quiet yachting in beautiful regions of Albania .


About the schooner-yacht and housing

boat Gulet Cruise MediterraneanThe schooner is typically built of pine wood and created with the sharp front and rear round. Traditionally, they are made by hand by craftsmen from Bodrum - Turkey, and for that named yachts of Bodrum type or boat gulet.

The luxury schooner yacht "Carpe Diem" has 6 cabins with double beds + master cabin + crew cabin, all with ensuite bathroom. The living room has air conditioning. On the stern there is a large table for 12 people, and mattresses for sunbathing on the spacious deck.

"Carpe Diem" is well equipped with HI-FI / CD, TV / SAT, VHF, GPS, sounder, Internet, tender with outboard, water skis, windsurfing to sailing, jet skiing, kayaking, fishing equipment, diving equipment, kneeboard, aqua skipper, canoes, etc.

"Carpe Diem "and professional crew members and customer service attract by their smiles and warm welcoming interior and deck which provides a comfortable and pleasant journey. All built and designed to meet all customer needs. Set sail with us and share the pure freedom under the starry sky of the Mediterranean surrounded by beautiful friendly and nice people to incomparable pleasure possibilities on the cruise schooner.

Our concept "Carpe Diem" is based on travel JUST FOR YOU and will suit your particular needs:
You want to have fun , play on the beach , get active, play sports, water skiing , the riding tube, dive, admire picturesque reefs make the same horse at sunset, feel the rhythm and dance the night in a typical disco bar, enjoy the privacy of your cabin, spend joyful moments on the deck, dinner at sunset sun ...

We advise you not to stop dreaming because all this can become reality soon your next vacation if you choose the cruise schooner "Carpe Diem".

It is only an e-mail from you ...

Croisière en goélette

Croisière en goélette en famille

C’est difficile d’imaginer des vacances plus relaxantes que celles au bord d’une goélette traditionnelle de croisière à travers la belle côte méditerranéenne.
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Croisière en goélette de sport

Ulcinj compte parmi les dix premières destinations européennes en ce qui concerne les conditions pour le kitesurf et la planche à voile.
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Art & Workshop
Croisière en goélette

Le dessin et la peinture sont des techniques qui peuvent être apprises pendant ces vacances de luxe sans stress.
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La Croisière en goélette Santé et relaxation

Ulcinj est une des plus anciennes villes sur la côte monténégrine. Ulcinj est connu comme une ville plus chaleureuse que les autres villes de la côte monténégrine.
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Croisière Team building

Team building pour les compagnies et organisations est surtout destiné pour le renforcement des performances des équipes.

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La Croisière Pêche au gros

Nous pouvons organiser, juste pour vous, la Pêche au gros.

Des pêcheurs à la ligne viennent dans la mer Adriatique depuis tout le monde, pour tenter leur chance dans ces eaux cristallines.

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Réservez votre
Croisière en goélette TOUT DE SUITE !

Book boat Gulet Cruise on MediterranianLa Croisière Carpe Diem propose uniquement des vacances dans des meilleures destinations seulement à nos clients favoris, toutes les destinations exclusives du Monténégro, de la Croatie et de l’Albanie au prix que vous ne trouverez nulle part ailleurs. Nous proposons des vacances de croisière de luxe et toutes les activités que vous pouvez imaginer. Nous comprenons que vous recherchez des vacances romantiques et aventurières à un prix favorable!
Lire plus sur la réservation de votre Croisière en goélette ici…


Croisière en goélette



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