Project Gulet Cruise is for sale, boat as well.

Project 'Cruise Carpe Diem' is for sale, boat as well 

There are many reasons why you should visit Adriatic sea - Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania with us. This is one of the tourist attraction destinations to go on holiday - vacation as an individual or with family and friends. For the past years, Mediterranean has evolved into a wonderful place for tourist. Here are many destinations you could visit during your holiday on boat Gulet cruise. You've probably heard the words : boat Gulet charter, cruise, relaxing cruise, boat sailing, boat charter, boat cruise, boat cruising, boat vacation, boat holiday, dream vacation, blue voyage, blaue reise or blue cruise, vacation cruise, Carpe Diem cruise etc, but do you really know their meaning in essence? We're here to help not only to understand but to experience them fully and never forget. Your holiday would be made very special if you sail in the boat Gulet travelling in the Mediterranean across the clear blue water.

boat Gulet Cruise Mediterranean“Carpe Diem” cruise. It is hard to imagine a more relaxing holiday than one aboard a traditional boat Gulet cruise along the Mediterranean and beautiful Adriatic coast - Montenegro, Croatia or Albania.

Relaxation on the boat deck or small wild beaches, enjoying sun having a cold drink on the deck, or jumping into the crystal water after drink,  sunset  with your close once, magic of sunrise. Joy of a brand new day!

Book your private boat Gulet to share the remarkable experience of “Carpe Diem”  Voyage with your family or close friends.

Incentive boat Gulet cruise with no fixed itinerary, generally following classical routes with modifications to accommodate individual schedules or desires. Venture through time to paradise that embraces the mysticism and timeless treasures of nature.



Mediterranean - Greece, Montenegro, Croatia and Albania

Wherever you want to cruise in Croatia, Montenegro or Albania, with our advice and sugestions, we will create a route together. You only need to choose a destination, the rest is our concern...

Mediterranean, precisely beautiful Adriatic sea, have become a popular sailing travel destination. This experience will be heartwarming for persons who enjoy relaxing time as well as adventurous activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, , kite surfing, wind surfing, flying by ultra light trike, horse riding, Jet-skies, water-skies, kneeboard, aqua skipper etc.

boat Gulet Cruise Mediterraneanboat Gulet Cruise “Carpe Diem” offer only world class destination vacations to our favorite customers only, all exclusive destinations in the Montenegro, Croatia and Albania at a price you cannot find anywhere else.  We offer luxurious vacation or better say unique cruise with many activities under the sun that may be found.  We understand you are looking for romantic and exciting vacations at an affordable cost!  We strive to provide a quality product at the best possible price.  We want to make boat Gulet Cruise “Carpe Diem” as customer friendly as possible.


Food and drinks on boat Gulet Cruise

We will take care of the excellent menu offering you to send us your preferences and choices of food and drinks, but please, check first our menu  and list of Mediterranean type of meals and drinks, with rich taste of olive oil, excellent choice of cheese, prosciutto,  fish …
boat Gulet Cruise Mediterranean
Just imagine yourself sipping wine with your family and friends viewing the sunset at sea while enjoying the service from your attentive crew.

After all the "stresses of modern era" and everyday madness, it’s time for "smooth sailing", relaxation and true meditation. We will cater to you and help to make this uncommon vacation unforgettable. Let us show you all the secluded spots of this Mediterranean world. This idyllic cruise is sailing and being the most beautiful part of nature: you and nature are sailing paradise!


boat Gulet cruise charter season

The height of the yacht charter season in the Mediterranean is July and August but encompasses April to the end of October. The climate is warm and sunny, with winds generally light, at most of the time making excellent boating conditions during summer months. While being on a private yacht charter allows you to avoid the crowds as you please, you can be sure to find a greater choice of quiet anchorages in the shoulder months April/May or September/October and less barrage of onshore tourists.

The Mediterranean part of Adriatic sea  offers more than a one week vacation. Among the many options are a beautiful Bokokotorska bay, varous Croatia isles,  the famous Dubrovnik , sun bathe in trendy Ulcinj closeless area,  walk the charming old port of Kotor and try wind sports in South of Montenegro.

Or take a week and head for quiet yachting in beautiful areas Albania.


About boat Gulet cruise yacht and accomodation

boat Gulet Cruise MediterraneanA boat Gulet is typically built of pine wood and styled with a pointed fore and round aft. Traditionally they have been hand made by master craftsmen from Bodrum-Turkey, and hence are referred to as "Bodrum type" yachts or boat Gulets.

Luxury boat Gulet yacht “Carpe Diem” consists of 6 cabins with double bed + Captain cabin + Crew cabin, all with en suite toilet. Salon have air conditioning. On the stern, there is a large table for up to 12 guests, as well as mattresses for sunbathing on the spacious deck.

“Carpe Diem”  is excellently equipped with HI-FI/CD, TV/SAT, VHF, GPS, depth sounder, internet, tender with outboard, water skies, windsurf, jet-ski, canoe, fishing equipment, snorkeling equipment, kneeboard, aqua skipper, canoes, etc.

“Carpe Diem” and professional and customer service crew members attracts with smile and warm inviting interior and deck which provides comfortable and pleasure sailing. All built and done to best meet the guests' needs. Escape with us and take off in true freedom under the Mediterranean starlit sky with the friendly, sweet, beautiful people around you for unequaled opportunities to enjoy the boat Gulet cruise.

Our “Carpe Diem” concept is based and is ONLY FOR YOU trip as it will be adapted to your special needs:
you want  to  have fun, play on the beach, be active, enjoy sports, water-ski, ride the tube, snorkel, enjoying the colorful reefs, even horse riding at sunset, enjoy rhythm and dance the night away at a typical Disco bar, enjoy the privacy of your cabin, have joyful moments  on boat deck, have dinner at the sunset ...

We say, never stop dreaming as all  this can become true on your next vacation if You choose “Carpe Diem” boat Gulet cruise.
It is just  a short  e-mail  away …  

Boat Gulet Cruise

Family Boat Gulet Cruise

It is hard to imagine a more totally relaxing holiday than one aboard a traditional boat Gulet Cruise along the beautiful Mediterranean coast.
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Sport boat Gulet Cruise

Ulcinj is among top ten European destinations when it comes to conditions for kitesurfing and windsurfing.
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Art & Workshop
Boat Gulet Cruise

Drawing and painting are adsorbing skills, which can be learnt in this stress free luxury holiday.
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The health and relaxation boat Gulet Cruise

Ulcinj is one of the oldest towns at the Montenegrin coast. Ulcinj is considered to be a much warmer place compared to other towns on the Montenegrin coast.
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Team building Cruise

Team building for corporation and organizations is primarily aimed for improving team performance.

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Big game fishing Cruise

We can organize, only for you, Big game fishing.

Anglers travel to Adriatic sea from all over the world, to try their luck in the crystal-clear waters.

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Book boat Gulet Cruise on MediterranianCruise Carpe Diem offer only world class destination vacations to our favorite customers only, all exclusive destinations in the Montenegro, Croatia and Albania at a price you can not find anywhere else. We offer luxurious vacation cruise and anything else under the sun that we may find. We understand you are looking for romantic and exciting vacations at an affordable cost!
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